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Grace Under Pressure

I've been tardy in posting the next adventure, but I have a legitimate excuse. I've had a nasty head cold & wish I had Dr. Beckett attending to my ills ;) But enough about me...

Grace Under Pressure is a Rodney-centric episode, with a good dash of Sheppard & Zelenka. Sam Carter - one of my favourite Stargate characters - makes an appearance. Her hallucination is keeping Rodney "company" while he is stuck under water in a skinking puddle jumper.  Yes, it's a Shep fest today. Not even one shot of Shex. No Ronon at all in this episode. :/

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JoeF (and Shep) has a very expressive face! LOL!


Epiphany - Part 1

This a very Shep-centric episode. There seemed to have been quite a few of those in early seasons... Sheppard is pulled through a force field and separated from the team while investigating an Ancient device; he finds himself in a domain where time is dilated, progressing at a much faster rate than normal. Rodney McKay feverishly works to get him out, while Shep romances another Ancient girlfriend.

And we start off with the best Shex shot we'll get in this episode.

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Homecoming Prologue

Jo Graham, the writer of the sequel SGA novels to be released starting this month, has published the Prologue to the first of the books, titled Homecoming. "I've gotten special permission from my editor to post the Prologue to Stargate Atlantis: Legacy book one Homecoming here! This is the entire, real beginning to Homecoming, just as it will appear when the book comes out in two months!" You can find it here. When and if you read it, I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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Ebay Finds

While browsing Ebay today, I've come across some interesting items related to Stargate Atlantis, particularly episodes we've "revisited" recently in the Shrine. One of them was a Sheppard Conversion Art, described as "Concept art depicting John Sheppard's conversion from a human into an Iratus hybrid in the Stargate Atlantis Season Two episode, "Conversion". Injured by the Wraith Ellia in the previous episode, Sheppard succumbs to her virus and becomes half Iratus bug." As this is supposed to be an "official" item, I guess it must have come from the make-up department.

The other items were Ronon Dex costume cards, featuring Ronon's (disliked by Tess) shirt & leather coat from The Lost Boys. Now we know where that shirt disappeard to - it's been dissected and pasted into collector's cards. As to the leather coat, I've heard Jason claim at a con that he "stole" it when the show got cancelled ;)

Also, I have pre-ordered SGA: Homecoming novel, by Jo Graham, which is supposed to be a sequel to Enemy at the Gate. "The first of a six book series set after the end of Stargate Atlantis''s final season, Homecoming sees Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy. But the situation in Pegasus has changed. The Wraith are on the verge of unification under the new and powerful Queen Death. She stages a daring raid with one goal: the capture of the only man able to give their ships hyperdrive and lead them to Earth -- Dr. Rodney McKay."  Judging by the author's LJ, I am positive I will enjoy it immensely & that it will be a very satisfying continuation to SGA.

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The Hive - Part 1

The Team is captured along with The Lost Boys. They all get whumped on The Hive ship. Sheppard gets snarky with the Wraith Queen. Ronon pulls out a LOT of knives out of his dreads. Dark (as in poor lighting ;) episode.

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